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Northstowe Community Governance Review

Meeting: 04/09/2018 - Civic Affairs Committee (Item 5)

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The Head of Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing introduced this report on the proposed timetable for a Community Governance Review of Longstanton and Oakington and Westwick, in relation to the new development of Northstowe.


It was noted that Longstanton Parish Council had requested that the Community Governance Review be delayed until the summer of 2019. It was understood that this would allow residents of Northstowe to gain more experience as parish councillors on Longstanton Parish Council and would also mean that there will be more residents in Northstowe to consult on the Review. The Head of Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing estimated that there could be 350 occupations in Northstowe by winter next year.


In response to questioning, the Head of Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing explained that a management company would be taking on the maintenance of open space at Northstowe for at least the next 10 years. In the meantime Longstanton Parish Council would be responsible for the day to day decisions, before the Community Governance Review concluded.


The Committee NOTED the report.