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Information about Weekly Bulletin

The Councillors' Bulletin is a weekly circular containing information for the councillors about forthcoming meetings and events, links to meeting minutes meetings and agendas, decisions made by the executive (members of the Cabinet) and officers, and more.

The Chairman of the Scrutiny and Overview Committee or any five other Councillors may call in any executive decision for review within five working days of the publication of the Bulletin. This includes decisions made by the Cabinet or by any member of the Cabinet individually. Any decision not called in by the end of this time period may then be implemented. Detailed information about the call in procedure can be found in the Constitution (Part 2: Article 6.02 and Part 4: Scrutiny and Overview Committee Procedure Rules). Basic information is also available in the Public Guide to the Constitution under the heading Decision-Making.

The Councillors' Bulletin is published on the website every Thursday.


Archived copies of the Weekly Bulletin from 30 May 2001 – 21 December 2005 are also available.