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Climate and Environment Advisory Committee

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Information about Climate and Environment Advisory Committee

To advise Cabinet on policies, actions and resources required to deliver on the Council’s climate change and environmental ambitions, and to provide updates on progress towards achieving agreed targets and outcomes.


This will include, but not be limited to:

·         Considering, taking account of available evidence and best practice,innovations and best practice for zero carbon, climate resilience and environmental sustainability, and recommending appropriate actions

·         Investigating specific climate and environment-related issues and, where appropriate, organising informal Member workshops to review the evidence and recommendations

·         Reviewing the development of Council strategies and roadmaps/action plans for carbon reductions, climate resilience, biodiversity and environmental sustainability; making recommendations for their adoption; updating Cabinet on progress with implementation and recommending any mitigating actions necessary

·         Reviewing relevant strategic policies, decisions, future plans, corporate budgets and green investments to ensure that they are in line with a shift to zero carbon and environmental sustainability taking account also of fairness and cost implications

·         Reviewingdevelopment of new Greater Cambridge Local Plan to ensure it fulfills its role in bringing forward net zero carbon development together with biodiversity and green spaces, particularly in new housing and infrastructure, as well as ensuring that new development can adapt to our changing climate

·         Providing leadership on climate change and sustainability, working with partners, as appropriate, to deliver the Council’s targets, including public sector, academia, communities, farming and businesses

·         Promoting and facilitating the Zero Carbon Communities network, sharing information, guidance and best practice for Parish Councils and local community groups wanting to help shift towards zero carbon lifestyle

·         Reviewing the internal operations of the Council with a view to promoting zero carbon and sustainability, adopting best practice and strengthening the Council’s environmental performance, with a view to being an ‘exemplar council’?

·         Influencing and interpreting county, regional and national policy for the benefit of South Cambridgeshire?

·         Making recommendations on bids for funding relating to climate change, tree planting and the protection and enhancement of nature.