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Application for premises licence: 20 High Street, Grantchester


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South Cambridgeshire Hall

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Date of Hearing:

5 December 2016


Members of Panel:

Councillor Deborah Roberts - Chairman

Councillor Cicely Murfitt

Councillor Alex Riley



Applicant’s Name:

William Lowe


Premises Address:

20 High Street





Date of Application:

11 October 2016



Premises Licence



Those present at the hearing:


Councillor Deborah Roberts (Chairman)


Councillor Cicely Murfitt


Councillor Alex Riley



SCDC Officers:

Myles Bebbington, Head of Service, Environmental Health and Licensing


Virginia Lloyd, Senior Lawyer


Victoria Wallace, Democratic Services Officer

John Goodwin, Regulatory Enforcement Officer (present as an observer)




William Lowe






The application

The application for a premises licence on behalf of Mr Lowe of the Cambridge Gin Distillery, 20 High Street, Grantchester was received by the licensing section in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003. The requirements for advertising and displaying relevant notices were carried out in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.




The applicant initially requested the following:

·         Sale by retail of alcohol for consumption on and off the premises:-

·         24hrs

·         Premises to be open to the public:-

·         Mon to Sat 10.00 to 23.00

·         Sun 10.00 to 21.00


The premises is in a village location positioned on the main road, with residential properties surrounding the premises. Sale of alcohol will take place in connection with the business of producing gin. The applicant has requested a 24hr licence to permit the sale of alcohol via internet sales and does not intend to open to the public 24/7.


During the application period and after mediation with local residents, the application has been amended to further restrict the opening hours for the public as follows:

Premises to be open to the public:-

Tues to Sat 10.00 to 18.00hrs

12 occasions per calendar year 10.00 to 23.00


Relevant representations


Relevant representations were received from a local resident on the grounds of public nuisance.


Due regard has been given to the Licensing Act 2003, accompanying Guidance and Regulations, South Cambridgeshire District Council Licensing Policy and to verbal representations received from the applicant and the licensing officer and written representations received from the local resident.

The licensing officer advised the Sub-Committee that the issue of the number of licensed venues in the village was not for consideration by them as there was no cumulative impact policy for the area.  Furthermore, that the issue of parking was not for consideration by the Sub-Committee as the Licensee could not dictate where members of the public parked.

Mr Lowe informed the Sub-Committee that he had engaged with local residents and following mediation, had amended his application to reduce the hours and days which he proposed that the premises be open to the public. Specifically, the amended hours of opening would not create late night noise nuisance.  He informed the Sub-Committee that 98% of sales were by e-mail, internet and telephone and that there would be no bar and no music played at the premises.  There would be occasional private tasting events tailored to the upper end of the market, during which no more than 3 units of alcohol would be served.

He informed the Sub-Committee that in the 10 years that he had operated as a licensee in the area of South Cambridgeshire, he had an unblemished record, adhered to a strict code of conduct and that CCTV had been installed around the premises.  The Parish Council and the District Council member had also supported the application.

Following questions raised by the Sub-Committee, the Licensing Officer clarified that there were two modes of operation of the business.  If the licence was granted, there would be a 24-hour internet presence so that alcohol could be supplied at all times via the internet, by phone or e-mail.  However, the hours that the business is licensed to open to the public would differ from the hours that are specified for internet, e-mail and telephone sales. 

Mr Lowe also confirmed that the distillation area was a sterile area and separated from the area open to the public.  There was a small retail shop from which you could see the distillation area through a window.  He advised that the produce was predominantly stored at a bonded facility in London and that standard couriers collected the produce once a day, during daytime hours of operation.

The decision

On the basis of these considerations the Sub-Committee decided to GRANT the application for a Premises Licence, as amended, to permit the activities for the hours specified.


Local residents may apply for a review of the Licence on a ground relating to one or more of the licensing objectives should there be any relevant issues arising from the operation of the Licence at any stage after the date of this decision notice.  The Sub-Committee hopes that local residents will feel able to bring any future concerns directly to the attention of the Applicant in an effort to reach an amicable solution.  The four licensing objectives are: the Prevention of Crime and Disorder; Prevention of Public Nuisance; Public Safety; and Protection of Children from Harm.


The objector has a right of appeal to the Cambridge Magistrates’ Court within 21 days of receiving notification of this decision.



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                        Councillor ……………………………………………………………..


Dated:             5 December 2016


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