Agenda item

S/0793/18/FL - Linton (1 Horseheath Road)


Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 7 dwellings


Members visited the site on 16 August 2018 prior to the meeting.


Councillor John Batchelor declared a Non-disclosable Pecuniary Interest because his son, Councillor Henry Batchelor, has a business relationship with the applicant. Councillor John Batchelor had never met said applicant. In view of the legal advice he had received, Councillor John Batchelor withdrew from the Chamber, took no part in the debate, and did not vote.


Councillor Pippa Heylings (Vice-Chairman) took the Chair and, with the Committee’s affirmation, Councillor Anna Bradnam acted as Vice-Chairman for this item.


The case officer referred Members to paragraph 87 of the report and to the table in paragraph 84. The distance from first floor habitable room windows in proposed Plot 1 to the ground floor conservatory at 24 Parsonage Way should have said 30 metres not 27 metres.


Kate Kell (objector), Kath Slater (applicant’s agent) and Councillor Enid Bald (Linton Parish Council) addressed the Committee.


Members observed that overlooking was a two-way issue and that the new dwellings might be overlooked by existing properties. They expressed concern about the extent of car parking on site, and access and manoeuvrability for emergency vehicles.


In the first sentence of paragraph 87, the second line should read “…the first floor   the nearest of the new dwellings …” In the final sentence of paragraph 87, the first “not” should be deleted so that it states, “It is considered that this relationship is not sufficient to warrant refusal.”


Those Committee members present voted unanimously to approve the application subject to the Conditions and Informatives set out in the report from the Joint Director for Planning and Economic Development and amended as follows:


1.     Condition 4 to require the retention and extension of the existing hedge along the boundary with Horseheath Road;

2.     In respect of condition 12, Officers to see whether there was scope for the plans to be amended to   ensure vehicles can turn within the site to allow access and egress in forward gear.


The final wording of Conditions and Informatives would be agreed in consultation with Councillor Pippa Heylings (Vice-Chairman in the Chair) and Councillor Anna Bradnam (Vice-Chairman for this agenda item).


Those Committee members present confirmed the removal of Permitted Development Rights agreed at the meeting held on 6 June 2018.

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