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Items of Interest from the Local Government Association (LGA)

Items of Interest from the Local Government Association (LGA)


The Local Government Association provides a list of news headlines relevant to its members. Please click the headlines below for more details.


Thursday 27 June, Mail: Council tax collection

More than £1 billion in council tax – equating to nearly £1 in every £30 – was not collected by councils in England last year.


Thursday 27 June, Telegraph: Recycling rejection rates

Up to half of “recyclable” material is not being recycled in some areas of England, according to government figures analysed by the Telegraph.


Thursday 27 June, Mail: Talking homes in Rutland to ease dementia

Britain’s first dementia-friendly village with talking houses and adjustable street signs is being developed in Rutland, East Midlands.


Friday 28 June, Telegraph: UK will miss recycling target

Recycling rates have stalled at 45 per cent since 2017, with a recent impact assessment by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs accepting the UK will miss its target of 65 per cent of waste recycled by 2035.


Saturday 29 June, Mail Online: Council tax collection rates

New figures released this week reveal the council tax collection rates for all 326 local authorities in England, showing the total collection rate in the financial year was 97.04 per cent.


Saturday 29 June, Telegraph: 40 per cent of black bin rubbish could be recycled, survey finds

More than 40 per cent of waste being thrown in general household bins could be recycled amid confusion about what can be reused, according to a survey.


Sunday 30 June, Sunday Telegraph: Parliament to fly county flags as new Prime Minister is announced

County flags are to be flown outside parliament for the first time in a bid to celebrate the “rich and proud heritage of our nation”, the Government has announced.


Tuesday 2 July, BBC Online: Councils ‘in the dark’ over future funding amid cash warnings

The LGA has warned that councils are ‘completely in the dark’ over how much money they will get from central government next year, and has called for ‘urgent guarantees” they will get enough to provide key services like child protection and social care.


Tuesday 2 July, Huffington Post: Women make up 34 per cent of England’s councillors

Research by the Fawcett Society has shown that just 34 per cent of England’s councillors are female, despite this year’s poll election some 8,410 new local representatives.


Tuesday 2 July, Sky News Online: Fifth of farmland could be used to plant trees to hit carbon target

A fifth of land currently used for farming could be transformed into new woodland and forests as part of the Government’s legal obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.


Wednesday 3 July, Guardian: James Jamieson, Chairman of LGA, says that councils should be allowed to charge higher taxes to cope with funding crisis

Local authorities should be given the freedom to raise council taxes to help cope with the unprecedented funding crisis facing social care services, the new Chairman of the LGA said.