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Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy Review


The Chair of the Committee noted that it had been customary for Members of the Licensing Committee to be involved in Policy reviews prior to the report stage. As such, it was proposed that only those amendments which are pressing and needed decision on the date of the meeting would be taken.


It was agreed by affirmation that the other matters would be deferred to a further Licensing Committee in November to enable Members to partake in a workshop or other communication to discuss the proposed amendments.


As such, Members were asked only to consider amendments at the following sections in Appendix A:

6. Fixing of Plates

7. CCTV, and

10. Right to Work Evidence.


It was subsequently agreed that item 9. Tax Conditionality Requirements also required decision on the date of the meeting by committee.

Fixing of plates

The Principal Licensing Officer Rachel Jackson presented Amendment 6 and suggested that the Council should specify alternative solutions to traditional plates. The Committee noted that the introduction of adhesive vinyl plates which would be more cost-effective and sustainable. In response to questions from Members, the Principal Licensing officer clarified these adhesive plates do not cause damage to the bodywork of vehicles, and they can remain the same size as current plates or be produced in different sizes if required.


The Committee agreed this by affirmation.


The Committee noted that the meeting of the Licensing Committee was the first opportunity to review the policy since it was implemented in February 2020. It was noted that the authority had not as of yet, identified suitable hardware to recommend to the Private Hire & Hackney Carriage trade.


Members expressed concerns that a deadline of March 2023 was too late to implement a decision on a longstanding issue, and that the date should be brought forward.


The Principal Licensing Officer explained that the legislation regarding CCTV devices required that the policy be, ‘reasonable, practical and proportionate’ and the extra timescale would allow officers to ensure the policy was compliant and that there was capacity to have a figure in the region of 8-900 cars, to be fitted with the identified technology.


It was noted that options on CCTV devices would be provided at the Licensing workshops, and that these would take place in October.


Due to the extensive delays to the implementation of this policy change, Cllr Mark Howell proposed that the deadline be set as 1st September 2022 with precise wording to be agreed upon at a later date, which was seconded by Cllr Graham Cone.

The committee rejected the proposal by five votes to four.


It was agreed that the CCTV would be implemented by no later than 1 March 2023, with precise wording to be agreed upon at a later date.

Tax Conditionality requirements

As the addition of this requirement was mandatory, Cllr Mark Howell proposed that this amendment be dealt with at the meeting.


This was agreed by affirmation.

Right to work evidence

The Committee noted the changes to the Right to Work evidence and agreed the changes by affirmation.


The Chair extended thanks Paul Clare of Panther Taxis for providing such a helpful and informative response which was echoed by the Committee.

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