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The Standards Committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct within the district council and parish councils, through the Members' Code of Conduct.


It is one of the Council’s governance committees: bodies which have decision-making powers and report to full Council.  District Council members are appointed by full Council, parish members are elected directly by parish councils and meetings, and independent members have their appointment ratified by full Council following a recommendation from the Standards Committee Appointments Panel.  All members serve four-year terms and are eligible for re-appointment.  Further details about the responsibilities of the Standards Committee are available in Part 2, Article 9 and Part 3, Table 1 (Responsibility for Council Functions) of the Constitution. 


Please see also Part 5 of the Constitution for the procedures for the local investigation of referred complaints and for local standards hearings, which were adopted by Council on 25 January 2007.


This body comprises at least six district councillors (council members), at least four persons independent of the council (selected following advertisement and known as independent members) and at least two parish councillors from parishes within the district (parish members).  Standards Committee meetings are open to the public, although deliberations may be held in private session.  In 2012/13, the Committee includes seven council members, including representatives from each of the three recognised political groups on the Council, and two non-group members.


Further information about the Standards Committee is available on the Parish Council Guidance page.


If you are a District or Parish Councillor who might require a dispensation, this flowchart could help you decide whether or not one is necessary.  If you need to apply, please download and complete an Application for Dispensation.


Further information:

·                      Standards Committee Newsletter


·                      Local Code of Conduct Complaints Process and Forms


·                      The Standards Committee: Composition and Terms of Reference (SCDC Constitution, Part 2, Article 9)


·                      SCDC Code of Conduct (SCDC Constitution, Part 5, Section F)


·                      Standards Committee 2011/12 Annual Report to Council


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