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Scrutiny and Overview Committee

Purpose of committee

The Scrutiny and Overview Committee consists of 14 non-Executive members (those who are not members of the Cabinet) and is appointed on a proportional basis (with political groups represented in the same proportion as on the whole Council). It monitors the performance of the Leader and Cabinet and scrutinises services and policies throughout the district, whether or not South Cambridgeshire District Council provides them, and makes recommendations for improvement.


·        Completed Reviews


If you would like the Committee to scrutinise a particular policy or concern, please send your suggestion by e-mail to or you can contact Democratic Services, via the Contact Centre on 03450 450 500.


The Committee Chairman or any five Councillors can call-in (challenge) for review by the Scrutiny and Overview Committee any decision made by the Cabinet or by individual Lead Cabinet Members, which are published each Wednesday in the Weekly Bulletin (available on the website every Thursday morning). 


Schedule of Scrutiny and Overview Committee meetings


Further details about the Scrutiny and Overview Committee’s powers and responsibilities are available in Part 2 Article 6 and the procedure rules in Part 4 of the Constitution.


·        Scrutiny and Overview Annual Report to Council 2016/17

·        Criteria for Scrutiny and Overview Committee Topic Selection


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