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Planning Committee

Purpose of committee



The Planning Committee is one of the Council’s Regulatory Committees, bodies which have decision-making powers and report to full Council.  Membership is decided at the Annual General Meeting of the Council in May.  Further details about the responsibilities of each Regulatory Committee are available in Part 2: Article 8, and Part 3 of the Constitution.


The exercise of functions


All applications are delegated to planning officers except for those referred to Planning Committee in accordance with the Council’s scheme of delegation for planning decisions, and those relating to the Cambridge Fringes, for which there is a separate Joint Development Control Committee established by the Council in accordance with Section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972. Further details about the scheme of delegation can be found in Part 3, Table 3 of the Constitution.


Planning Enforcement


The Planning Committee also exercises Enforcement functions under those Acts (other than where the Planning Sub-Committee has delegated authority).  It deals with matters in relation to Public Rights of Way, Protection of Important Hedgerows and Tree Preservation and safety, and administers and enforces Building Regulation regimes for existing or proposed buildings.



Planning Policy


Planning policy issues, such as the Local Development Framework and Supplementary Planning Documents are the responsibility of the Lead Cabinet Member for Planning, the Cabinet and Council. Other policy issues, such as the designation of conservation areas are the responsibility of the Lead Cabinet Member for Planning or the Cabinet.


Public Speaking at meetings of the Planning Committee


Members of the public (applicants, agents, supporters, objectors and parish council representatives) have a right to speak to the Committee, so long as they contact the relevant Support / Democratic Services Officer by no later than 4.00pm two clear working days before the meeting (ie: by 4.00pm on a Friday where a committee meeting is held on Wednesday) and adhere to the Public speaking protocol. Late applications to speak at the meeting are likely to be refused.


Updated: September 2020


Substitute members

Contact information

Support officer: Laurence Damary-Homan 01954 713000 Email: Members of the public wishing to speak at this meeting are requested to contact the Support Officer by no later than 4pm two clear working days before the meeting. A public speaking protocol applies.

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