Issue - decisions

Local Development Scheme

04/10/2018 - Local Development Scheme

Following adoption of the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan, Cabinet


(a)             Adopted the new Local Development Scheme for Greater Cambridge, prepared jointly with Cambridge City Council, such Scheme confirming the intention to prepare:


(i)               a joint Local Plan for Greater Cambridge, comprising the administrative areas of both Councils


(ii)              a joint Cambridge Northern Fringe Area Action Plan (AAP), for the area shown in the Local Development Scheme which, when adopted as the AAP, will form part of the development plan for Greater Cambridge


both (i) and (ii) above to be prepared under section 28 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as amended) with separate democratic processes to agree both plans, informed by a joint member advisory group; and


(b)             granted to the Joint Director of Planning and Economic Development delegated authority, in liaison with the Deputy Leader, to make any editing changes identified prior to publication.