Election results for Guilden Morden

Parish Council Elections - Thursday, 3 May 2012
Comparison with previous election

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Guilden Morden Parish Council

 (none) Hold Judith Davis Roach was elected .

Table of main parties and election candidates retaining deposit
Election CandidatePartyNumber%Status% Change
Judith Davis Roach(none)No contestNewly electedn/a
Graham John Dellar(none)No contestNewly electedn/a
Geoffrey Ken Harper(none)No contestNewly electedn/a
Anna Miogin Hoad(none)No contestNewly electedn/a
Barry John Holme(none)No contestRe-elected0.00%
Gary McCulloch(none)No contestNewly electedn/a
Doreen Emily Mitchell(none)No contestRe-elected0.00%
Denise Claire Thorpe(none)No contestNewly electedn/a