Major Opposition Group Leader


The political group or groups of the Council whose members have been appointed to the Cabinet by the Leader of the Council shall be identified as the Controlling Group or Groups.  Each Political Group other than that forming the ruling administration on the Council will appoint one of its members to the position of Group Leader / Co-ordinator / Convenor.  The political group with the largest number of seats on the Council and whose members have not been appointed to the Cabinet by the Leader of the Council shall be identified as the Major Opposition Group.


Main Purpose of Role


In addition to the duties and responsibilities expected to be undertaken by all members, to provide leadership of an opposition group.


Duties and Responsibilities


*   To provide for residents, stakeholders and partners, visible political leadership in relation to the opposition group’s views on the design, preparation and implementation of the Council’s policies, strategies, budgets and service delivery.

*   To lead the opposition group and provide strategic direction for that group in endeavouring to ensure that the Council works in the best interests of the local community.

*   To act as the group’s spokesperson on all aspects of the Council’s agreed and developing budget and policy framework and fulfil the role of principal spokesperson for his / her group.

*   To ensure that members of his / her group comply with local and national codes of conduct and protocols governing member conduct and behaviour and where necessary to deal with any breaches of these codes or protocols.

*   To provide, as appropriate, alternatives or amendments to the District Council’s policies, strategies and budgets.

*   To provide strong and effective leadership of an opposition group including challenging the running of the Council by the controlling group(s) as appropriate.

*   To represent the views of his / her Group in relation to any matter on which officers seek consultation and guidance.

*   To maintain effective relationships with the Leader of the Council, other members of the Council, the Chief Executive, Corporate Managers and other relevant senior officers.

*   To ensure effective contact with community leaders and other external stakeholders, as appropriate, and represent their views in ensuring effective opposition to the ruling administration, as appropriate.

*   To nominate members of his / her group to serve on all appropriate member bodies, including as necessary other outside bodies.

*   To represent, by virtue of his / her position, the Council on district-wide, regional and national bodies and national and international events relating to, or organised by, those bodies.

*   If deemed appropriate to take personal responsibility for ‘shadowing’ one or more service or corporate area of the District Council’s activity.

*   If deemed appropriate to appoint members of his / her Group to ‘shadow’ particular service or corporate areas of the District Council’s activity.




The tasks and duties outlined in this role description relate to the political or member level activities of the District Council.  Accountability for members’ performance is ultimately through the political and electoral process but will be subject to any member personal development arrangements agreed by the Council.

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