Planning Committee Chairman


Main Purpose of Role


In addition to the duties and responsibilities expected to be undertaken by all members, to ensure the effective discharge of the functions assigned to the Planning Committee, ensuring that the provisions of the Council’s Procedural Guidance on Planning and Licensing Committees (Part 5, Section L of this Constitution) are complied with.


Duties and Responsibilities


*   To Chair and manage the business of the committee in a fair, impartial open and efficient manner ensuring effective engagement by all members.

*   To provide leadership and direction for it.

*   To determine priorities in the light of the volume of work presented to the committee.

*   To facilitate the participation in the committee by the public and any others in accordance with any scheme agreed from time to time.

*   To ensure that the committee takes balanced decisions based on all relevant evidence, always with impartiality and fairness.

*   To ensure that committee decisions are recorded with full justifications.

*   To promote actively national and local codes of good practice in relation to planning matters.

*   To maintain effective working relationships and links with the Vice-Chairman, other members of the committee and relevant officers.

*   To develop a thorough understanding of:

·                      the process, relevant policies and other material considerations as they relate to the Council’s planning activities.

·                      the legal and probity framework relating to planning and  development control.

·                      local and national initiatives or developments which are likely to impact on the Council as Planning Authority.


Conventions / Protocols


Every member who serves on the committee will undertake to abide by the Procedural Guidance for Members and Officers in Planning and Licensing (Part 5, Section L of this Constitution).


No member may serve on regulatory committees unless and until they have undertaken suitable training.




The tasks and duties outlined in this role description relate to the political or member level activities of the District Council.  Accountability for members’ performance is ultimately through the political and electoral process but will also be subject to any member personal development arrangements agreed by the Council.

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