Audit and Corporate Governance Committee Chairman


Main Purpose of Role


To take a leading role in ensuring that the Council’s systems of corporate governance, risk management and internal control remain robust, and that the Committee raises issues of concern with Council and Cabinet where necessary.


Duties and Responsibilities


*   To Chair and manage the business of the committee in an efficient manner, ensuring effective engagement by all members.

*   To provide leadership and direction for the committee.

*   To determine priorities in the light of the volume of work presented to the committee.

*   To ensure that the Committee successfully achieves its objectives set within its Terms of Reference, specifically:

·                      To ensure the Committee carries out timely and in-depth reviews of the Council’s corporate governance, risk management and internal control arrangements such that it is able to provide assurance that these arrangements are sound;

·                      To ensure that the Committee makes appropriate recommendations to Cabinet and Council regarding matters of concern, and that it monitors recommendations to ensure that they are implemented as agreed.

*   To command the respect and confidence of the Council in relation to matters of corporate governance.

*   To sign and date the Statement of Accounts to represent completion ofthe Council’s approval process of the annual accounts; to ensure that the annual corporate governance statement meets the requirements expected by the relevant guidance, and to act as member champion for the Council’s risk management strategy.

*   To maintain effective working relationships and links with the Vice-Chairman and members of the committee, the Leader of the Council and other relevant members, the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and other relevant officers.

*   To maintain effective working relationships with the Council’s external auditors, and to ensure that the Committee contributes fully to the agreement of annual programmes of work.

*   To maintain an overview of best practice in the field of corporate governance (as exhibited in the CIPFA / SOLACE framework) and to ensure that this is reflected in the Council’s local code of corporate governance.

*   To bring forward suggestions for member training and development in relation to corporate governance issues.

*   To represent, by virtue of his / her position, the Council and committee on relevant external bodies and events as required.




The tasks and duties outlined in this role description relate to the activities of the postholders within the political structures of the Council. Accountability for the postholders’ performance is to the Council.

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