Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 6.00 p.m., Scrutiny and Overview Committee

Venue:   Swansley Room A and B - Ground Floor

Contact:    Victoria Wallace
03450 450 500 Email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Cllr Grenville Chamberlain Chairman Present
Cllr Brian Milnes Vice-Chairman Apologies
Cllr Ruth Betson Member Present
Cllr Anna Bradnam Member Present
Cllr Martin Cahn Member Apologies
Cllr Nigel Cathcart Member Present
Cllr Sarah Cheung Johnson Member Present
Cllr Gavin Clayton Member Apologies
Cllr Graham Cone Member Present
Cllr Claire Daunton Member Present
Cllr Douglas de Lacey Member Present
Cllr Bill Handley Member Present
Cllr Steve Hunt Member Present
Cllr Peter McDonald Member Present
Cllr Dawn Percival Member Present
Cllr Eileen Wilson Member Present
Victoria Wallace Officer Expected
Patrick Adams Officer Present
Alex Colyer Officer Present
Susan Gardner Craig Officer Present
Dawn Graham Officer Present
Bukky Gray Officer Present
Mike Hill Officer Present
Kathrin John Officer Present
Stephen Kelly Officer Present
David Roberts Officer Present
Tom Lewis Public Expected
Rory McKenna Public Expected
Cllr Sue Ellington Member In attendance
Cllr Neil Gough Member In attendance
Cllr Jose Hales Member In attendance
Cllr Bridget Smith Member In attendance
Cllr Hazel Smith Member In attendance
Cllr Bunty Waters Member In attendance