Outside body

Francis John Clear Almshouses, Melbourn


Appointments made by annual Council for four years.


Scheme of the Charity reads:


4.            Nominative Trustees. – Except at first as hereinafter provided the Nominative Trustees shall be appointed as follows:

Two by the Melbourn Parish Council and

One by the South Cambridgeshire District Council.


Each appointment shall be made for a term of four years at a meeting convened and held according to the ordinary practice of the appointing body.  The chairman of the meeting shall cause the name of each person appointed to be notified forthwith to the Trustees or their clerk.  The person appointed may be but need not be a member of the appointing body.


10.            Determination of trusteeship. – Any person who is absent from all meetings of the Trustees during a period of one year or who is adjudged bankrupt or makes a composition or arrangement with his or her creditors or who is incapacitated from acting or who communicates in writing to the Trustees a wish to resign shall cease thereupon to be a Trustee.

Contact information

Mrs Brenda Meliniotis, Chairman of the Trustees

14A Rose Lane

Phone: 01763 261154