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Local Government Association Rural Commission


The Rural Commission provides the forum within the Association for member authorities with an interest in rural affairs. The Rural Commission acts in a way that complements the principals of the LGA as a whole.


Membership is open to all member authorities which indicate in writing their wish to join.  Voting is on the basis of one vote for each member authority.  Each authority may send up to two representatives, at least one of which will be an elected member.


The purpose of the Commission is to:

·                      provide the forum in which rural authorities can discuss matters of common concern and exchange good practice and experience.

·                      assist the LGA take into account the needs, priorities and aspirations of rural authorities in formulating and promoting its policies; help the LGA to promote the role and interests of rural authorities and the ability of those authorities to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Contact information

Angela Ilo or Marion Stribling
Email:&nbsp;<a href="mailto:memberservices@lga.gov.uk">memberservices@lga.gov.uk</a>

Local Government Association Rural Commission
Local Government House
Smith Square
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Phone: 0207 664 3179 / 0207 664 3040