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RECAP (Recycling Cambridgeshire And Peterborough) Board & Joint Waste Officer Group


A Cambridgeshire Together (Local Authority Agreement Partnership [LAA]) Board; part of the revised structure agreed by the Cambridgeshire Together Board on 15 September 2008.


Cabinet can appoint any Council Member, who may continue in this appointment until the Cabinet decides otherwise. 


Formerly the Cambridgeshire Councils’ Association Waste and Environment Forum, terms of reference of which are below:


Waste & Environment Forum Terms of Reference


1.            Constitution


1.1          The Forum will consist of one elected Member representative from each of the five District Councils (waste collection authorities) in the county of Cambridgeshire, the County Council (waste disposal authority) and Peterborough City Council (waste collection and disposal authority).


1.2          Each representative may attend with their officers of the Joint Waste Officers Group or may appoint a deputy, as appropriate, for any particular item.  Such attendance should have regard to the size of the meeting and the efficiency and effectiveness of the discussion.


1.3          Representatives from other (non Cambridgeshire local authority) organisations may attend meetings by invitation only.


1.4          The Chairman of the Forum shall be elected annually and shall be eligible at re-election.


2.            Authority


2.1          The Forum will operate with the agreement of the Member local authorities.  Members shall be subject to re-appointment annually by the parent authority, or earlier in the case of resignation or retirement of a member.


2.2          The agenda will be prepared in advance, in writing or in electronic form, by the Joint Waste Officer Group and all authorities will have free access to contribute to the matters for consideration and discussion


2.3          Minutes of the meeting will be produced by Cambridgeshire County Council Democratic Services staff agreed as correct at the next meeting.


2.4          Minutes of each meeting will be forwarded to the following meeting of the Joint Waste Officer Group.


2.5          The work of the Forum shall be reviewed by the constituent Councils on an annual basis.


3.            Scope of Activities


3.1          The role of the Forum is to assist the parent authorities to work in partnership to help protect, maintain and enhance the environment through the provision of excellent services that meet local needs.


3.2          The scope of activities shall include:

·                      Waste collection, treatment and disposal

·                      Recycling & Waste Minimisation

·                      Local Environmental Services including: 

·                      Street cleansing

·                      Reduction of Environmental Crime

·                      Building community empowerment


4.            Terms of Reference


4.1        The Forum’s terms of reference shall be:

·                      to act as the focus for discussion and to deliver a political perspective to the scope of activities undertaken by the parent authorities;


·                      to establish and implement a process of partnership and joint working on issues included within the scope of activities, seeking consensus within the budgets delegated by the constituent Councils, whilst respecting the individual council policies and authorisations of individual members;


·                      to investigate ways of working to deliver services provided by parent authorities in a more economic and efficient way, including the investigation of joint procurement where applicable;


·                      to promote benchmarking of the local environmental services provided by the parent authorities and others in order to identify best practice;


·                      to agree and recommend to the appointing authorities, the breakdown of the financial contribution to be made by respective Councils towards the coordination and development of the work of the Forum;


·                      to identify opportunities for external funding for work undertaken by the Forum or parent authorities;


·                      to agree an annual work programme and recognise the achievements of the Forum by regularly reporting on progress to the Cabinets of the County Council and Peterborough City Council and to the appropriate District Council Executives;


·                      to promote common messages and common themes to ensure a consistent approach between the parent authorities;


·                      to contribute to the process of public consultation and public debate in relation to the services included in the scope of activities;


·                      to consider the impact of legislation and national policy development and to make recommendations on the implications for, and response of, parent authorities.


Revised September 2006

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