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Sawston Patient Reference Group


Patient Reference Group (PRG)


The purpose of the PRG will be to provide a mechanism to communicate the views of the patients the patients and local community about health care issues to Sawston Medical Practice (SMP). This will help inform SMP in informing decisions about the healthcare they provide


The PRG will:

  1. Review and help develop communication strategies to inform patients and the community about the healthcare provision offered by SMP


  1. Develop a mechanism to collect the views about the needs of patients and the local community as regards healthcare. This will include the commissioning of a patient survey. Also, as appropriate, focus groups may be established for specific topics.


  1. Publicise the results of feedback and the patient survey.


  1. Make recommendations to SMP arising from patients and the community feedback about healthcare provision, mindful of the constraints associated with statutory and professional demands of the SMP.


  1. Work with SMP to communicate health awareness to its patients and local community, and also to encourage appropriate use of the healthcare services in order to optimize their effectiveness.


  1. Assist with attracting funds to the ‘Friends of Sawston medical Practice’ and with establishing priorities for use of the funds.


The PRG is a voluntary body composed of the following members:


  • a representative from John Huntingdon Charity (JHC to nominate)
  • a representative from South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC to nominate)
  • the practice manager
  • a GP Partner
  • 2 practice staff members *
  • 4 patient representatives*


The standing members will have the ability to co-opt up to 2 additional members for a period of 2 years.


* The standing members of the PRG will seek applications for the practice staff and patient representative positions. The representatives will be selected based on relevant skills and interests. These positions will be held for a period of 2 years.


Meetings require a quorum of 6, and meetings held every 2 months. 

Contact information

Gerard Newnham, Practice Business Manager

Sawston Medical Centre
London Road
CB22 3HU

Phone: 01223 727555

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