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Purpose of committee



Councillor Bridget Smith is the Leader of South Cambridgeshire District Council and Chairman of the Executive (Cabinet).  The Executive consists of seven Portfolio Holders (Cabinet members) including the Leader.


Role descriptions for the Leader of the Council and Cabinet Portfolio Holders can be found in Part 5 of the Constitution.


In addition to the responsibilities of each Portfolio, the Executive as a whole is responsible for:


v  Proposing new policy and the budget

v  Promoting the Council's interest in partnership

v  Implementing, with the Council's officers, decisions of the full Council


Individual Portfolio Holders also have delegated powers to make decisions affecting their service areas.


The political group with the largest number of seats on the Council and whose members the Leader of the Council has not appointed to the Cabinet is called the Major Opposition Group.  Other political groups with seats on the Council and whose members the Leader of the Council has not appointed to the Cabinet are called Minor Opposition Groups.  In 2018-19, the major opposition group is the Conservative Group.  Each Portfolio Holder is monitored by at least one member of the Scrutiny and Overview Committee, and the major opposition group has appointed at least one spokesman for each portfolio.  Opposition group members can act both as opposition spokesmen and Scrutiny and Overview Committee monitors.


Getting involved


Members of the Press and public are welcome to attend Cabinet meetings as observers, subject to statutory access to information rules, and can ask questions at meetings.


To help the public keep informed about what’s coming up, each month we publish a list of decisions to be taken by Cabinet, Council and other bodies in the coming four months (the “forward plan”).  These decisions will support and help the Council to achieve its long term vision and strategic aims and objectives (insert hyperlink).


Details about the Executive (Cabinet) can be found in Article 7 of the Council’s Constitution.


Part 3 of the Council’s Constitution also sets out responsibility for Executive functions, indicating levels of decision-making power for Cabinet, individual Portfolio Holders or those matters reserved for the Leader of the Council.


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